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Prestige Lifestyle Club (PLC) is the right place for those who want to be Young, Beautiful, Slim, Sexy and Rich.

We also provide professional advice by Dr Amir Farid Isahak on anti aging and aesthetic therapies, cosmetic surgery and slimming/weight management programs.

 Prestige Lifestyle Club also offers anti aging and beauty supplements and products for inner health and rejuvenation and a wide range of anti aging, aesthetic, slimming and cosmetic medical/surgical treatment through its affiliate clinics.


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Young & Beautiful

Get 1 Year Supply of Anti ageing Supplement FREE*

Buy 12 boxes ( 1 year supply) @ RM 300 per box = RM 3600

Before end of 13th month, you have 2 options:

#1 Get full refund RM 3600*

#2 get another 12 boxes FREE (No refund)

*terms & conditions apply



Young & Beautiful

Young & Beautiful is specially formulated to stimulate our body’s own natural release of HGH.

Fair & Beautiful

Fair & Beautiful rapidly boosts your gluthatione levels for health, healing, detox and rejuvenation. It is the cheapest and most convenient way to boost gluthatione levels.

Forever Young HGH Spray + Colostrum

A unique Natural HGH Releaser enriched with colostrum


These are the words after our customers used our products
Puan Meme

Puan Meme

Product Cell Rejuvenator – Gluthathione

after using Cell Rejuvenator Gluthathione, my skin became more moist and my hair became thicker

Puan S 50 tahun KL

Puan S 50 tahun KL

Product Supercollagen

"Bangun pagi senang, lutut tak cepat lenguh, walaupun berat badan turun dengan banyak tapi muka tak cengkung, rambut kurang gugur, baju dalam kena tukar baru ketat"

Ms R 47 tahun Perak

Ms R 47 tahun Perak

Product Young & Beautiful

Since consuming Y & B consistently , lab test showed my anti-aging hormone increased 4x and the effect was just like taking anti-aging injections worth thousands. I feel more confident.

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